Pens in the Playoffs

Back again, readaz.

I’m in Pittsburgh for Easter, and definitely feeling good about the Penguins’ chances this NHL playoff season. Tonight’s the regular season finale against the Rangers, so as my friends and I get together to watch, I’ll be watching the following in particular:

  • Marc-André Fleury – a few months ago, I regarded him as the wild-card for the team. But now he’s looking pretty solid, so I’m all good with this.
  • Third-line play – Laraque was a great pickup, but more than being just a tough guy, he’s got good skills as the third-line anchor. The dude can play, plus he beat Donald Brashear real good at the last Capitals-Pens game I attended.
  • Gary Roberts – combined with Laraque, this guy represents part of the best trade the Pens have made since 1992. He’s got a great ability to get under other teams’ skin around the opposing goal, and I don’t think things will be any different against (most likely) the Senators.

Point is, I’m amped. Let’s do this.

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  1. in my second season as a penguins fan, i am also very excited. i plan on joining you and your vs. channel to watch some games once i get back from chicago.

    ps have fun with wordpress. the new site looks good.

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