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Trent R.

Anybody heard the new NIN album yet? Opinions? I know a lot of it’s available for listening online, but I haven’t made the time yet. Also, I once saw Trent Reznor at the Pittsburgh airport. He got his own bags after flying up from New Orleans on the same flight as Lil’ Stack. Here’s a […]

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Ireland in 2007 : America in 1996-1998

Hey readaship. We’re all down for analogies. Sometimes they make you feel like some illness is on the horizon, like how G-Unit Dubs Bizzle is sadly similar to Alcibiades back in the Athens day, goading mugs into a poorly-planned military venture that then spins out of control. Other times though you watch some stuff and […]

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Illegal Immigration

Lately I’ve been thinking about the immigration debate, and the fact that I spent part of today picking fruit (it’s true) perhaps focused things a bit. It seems to me that if angry private citizens like the Minutemen really want to keep desperate Latinos from coming to the States, they should turn themselves into some […]

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Legends of Airport Conversation

Today I was flying back to DC at the Indianapolis airport when a big, middle-aged dude sat down next to me and struck up a conversation. The topic of the war briefly came up after the guy said he couldn’t believe gas prices were so high when we had physical control of Iraq’s oil and […]

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Sopranos: Bout to Be Over

My theory based on the preview of next week’s show is that Patsy Parisi is the double-agent from Phil’s crew. His son appears to be the one firing a gun in one of the frames, and it makes sense that the son would also inform on just when he’d be bringing Meadow to the restaurant. […]

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This was me on my run, just a few days ago: But today, under similar conditions, I was kickin’ it this way: Why does one’s body seem to randomly ill on one like that?

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Jerry Falwell Died,8599,1621131,00.html After many centuries to get it right, it’s a great human tragedy that people can still take a religious message based on love and forgiveness and turn it into a vessel for hate.

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The Chrysler Sale

Daimler-Benz is selling off Chrysler to Cerberus, a private-equity firm. After the division lost $1.5 billion last year, I can hardly blame the Germans for that one, but it does leave me a little worried about my favorite U.S. carmaker. Chrysler in the past few years seems to be willing to respond to all the […]

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HBO: Anything on the Horizon?

Yo Internet. So does anybody out there know if there’s some quality programming coming down from HBO with the quickness? Not only did Rome and Deadwood end this year, now we got to worry about the end of The Sopranos and whatever show they’re going to get to replace that. That leaves me solely with […]

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Things Not To Do, Part I

Public service: Don’t get a small cut your finger in the morning, then pour hot sauce on it at lunch. I’m impressed that it continues to sting after a good 10 minutes. Just so yinz know.

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