Bar Songs Worthy of Hate

3. “Don’t Stop Believing”, Journey – Yes, I do like this song. You like it too. So do your twelve friends. So does that annoying bar chick and her husband-hunting friends. So does the guy who says “bro” who’s just here to “cut loose with my boys”. These people indicate that the Journey trend has become way too popular to be ironically ahead of the game anymore. Sorry, Kevin.

2. “Living on a Prayer”, Bon Jovi – Again, I like this one. It brings back phat memories of Dance Marathon and Northwestern. Except that all those DJs who feel the need to pause the track during “whoaOOOOH! LIVING ON A PRAYER!” make me relive it a little too often, so hearing it all the time makes me feel like that dude who hangs around the college campus just a little too long after he graduates. And I am not that dude. I follow the “one visit after departure” rule very strictly here, Internet. Respect that.

1. “Sweet Caroline”, Neil Diamond – I don’t like this song. At all. In fact, I’ve hated it since I was a kid and my parents rocked “Oldies – 3WS” back in the car-radio day. Neil Diamond isn’t even a very good singer. Singing onomatopoeia doesn’t hold much of an appeal either: verbalized sounds aren’t lyrics, homes. If I go to a bar and the DJ rocks the track-stop for this one too (he’s probably already done it for Bon Jovi), I’m future-skipping that bar with the quickness. Also, Red Sox fans: baseball is boring. Sorry to tell you.

Tonight I had TV dinner and a beer. I am 1950s mantastic. What.

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6 Responses to “Bar Songs Worthy of Hate”

  1. Sorry- I’m a fan of Neil. I do hate the whole track-pausing thing, though.

    Journey should go back to being a guilty pleasure so we can all just enjoy singing with it in the car.

    Posted by Jerry | May 3rd, 2007 at 11:06 am
  2. I will never stop believing. Ever! I mean that.

    And Neil Diamond suuuucccks…

  3. Wanted, by Bon Jovi fits nicely in that category I think.

  4. In Annapolis bars the ba, ba, baaaaa part of SC is accompanied by “you fucking whore”. That spices it up.

    Posted by Rich | May 3rd, 2007 at 8:59 pm
  5. At this bar in the middle of the Pocomoke forest one time, some drunk dude raged that the juke box played Elton John’s Your Song and actually beat down the juke box with a pool stick. freakin super red face rage. So I think Your Song should get a shout. GOtta be somethin to it…

  6. You forgot “Love Will Tear Us Apart” by Joy Division. It’s a law it be played in every bar, every weekend night at least once.

    And didn’t you know? Bon Jovi IS Journey. They’re the exact same band! It’s like that Garth Brooks-Chris Gaines thing.

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