Legends of Airport Conversation

Today I was flying back to DC at the Indianapolis airport when a big, middle-aged dude sat down next to me and struck up a conversation. The topic of the war briefly came up after the guy said he couldn’t believe gas prices were so high when we had physical control of Iraq’s oil and could just take what we wanted. I mentioned how the Administration planners considered only the initial old-fashioned military invasion without any nod to the other 90% that was the occupation, and the dude then produced the gem below.

This may sound like he was pulling my leg, but I’m about 90% sure that he really meant it. It was a serious subject, and he took the tone that he was giving me the greatest history lesson I could possibly learn:

Hell yeah man; you know when King Arthur invaded that region 500 years ago, he knew better than to stick around; he told his assistants, ‘Let’s get the f out of this country right now, I can’t occupy this place.’


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4 Responses to “Legends of Airport Conversation”

  1. Seriously, that’s the most awesome comment I’ve heard in a long time. You know how they say American’s get the government they deserve? Yeah.

  2. Like when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor..

  3. You were seated next to Merlin, of course he’d see things that way.

  4. If I remember it right, King Arthur said that to his assistants, I mean knights, when they were sitting around the round table, right? I mean wasn’t this from World Civ II class or something?
    Right after that, the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor and Poland invaded Germany.

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