Sopranos: Bout to Be Over

  • My theory based on the preview of next week’s show is that Patsy Parisi is the double-agent from Phil’s crew. His son appears to be the one firing a gun in one of the frames, and it makes sense that the son would also inform on just when he’d be bringing Meadow to the restaurant. I’m callin’ it.
  • I liked this episode’s simultaneous display of how the Tony and A.J. both face the effects of their mental illness, but at the same time go too far in letting it as a moral shield for anything else they do. I think the last two episodes will somehow play up this angle even further, in that no matter what’s up in your world, you’re still the one responsible for your own good or bad actions.
  • When my uncle told me about “biting the curb” as something that used to go down in Detroit in the 1960s, where he grew up, I thought that was just some crazy tall-tale stuff. But now we have two pop-culture uses of it. Thank you, American History X and The Sopranos, for giving my teeth that ill psych-out not once, but twice.
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  1. AJ kills Tony. I thought Carmella was going to do it but now it’s going to be the kid.

    Posted by Rich | May 21st, 2007 at 4:18 pm

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