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Class Divide Online?

Drop Internet knowledge, you say. Alright. I just read this interesting article (thanks, Jeremiah) from the BBC about how the Facebook – MySpace divide among teenagers also mirrors American class divisions. There’s certainly something to this. Not to prove a point from my earlier Jason Taylor post, but when I search high-school classmates on Facebook, […]

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Inner City Pressure

We all just want some muesli. That’s why “Flight of the Conchords” is phat.

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Chicken Nugget: An Emblem of Freedom

Even though I don’t eat much meat anymore thanks to my quasi-veg diet, nothing stirs the passions of my stomach quite like those brown, finely breaded morsels of undetermined poultry origin. You hook us young, oh nugget. From those early years when mom and dad would head out to a night on the town, leaving […]

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Sports Illustrated: Run by Snobs From Mt. Lebanon

Hey, Internets. Don’t hate. This week, Sports Illustrated had a big piece about Miami Dolphin and Pittsburgh native Jason Taylor. Not only did the article improve my opinion of Taylor a great deal (check out the part where a pro athlete puts sports into perspective with politics), but Woodland Hills H.S., the alma mater of […]

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I’ve got a little Short Bus from Filter playing on the iTunes right now. What happened to industrial rock? There was a glory era from about 1992-1999 or so, and then it really faded away. Nine Inch Nails are still around, but they just don’t have the prominence they used to have. I blame Clear […]

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The Ireland / Middle East Parallel

Back from the Slate retreat at Mohonk House, readaz. It was a good time: lots of smart-writer conversation, lake swimming and board games. Why is it that every time someone proposes board or parlor games, I think, “This is mad lame,” only to end up having mad fun instead? At least this stereotype is enjoyable […]

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Paris Hilton’s Jailing is a Worthwhile News Story

High horses are one thing, readaz, but reality is anutha. My journalism education came from the mother of all ivory-tower purist j-school institutions, that being the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. We were always taught that what matters in the media world is ethics, proper sourcing and the pursuit of objective truth without […]

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I was all set to be angry that another warm-weather city won the Stanley Cup, but I’ll give Anaheim the benefit of the doubt for the following reasons: People in the region seem to care about the team at least a little bit. Changing the name to just Ducks to get rid of the Disneyfied […]

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Animal Royal Rumble

Be sure you watch the whole thing. Buffalo = awesome.

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Why Media Companies Shouldn’t Go Public

What up, web. Last night the Bancroft family, controlling owners of Dow Jones and its flagship paper The Wall Street Journal, seems to have thrown in the towel and potentially opened up to the takeover bid from News Corp., owned by NY Post-Loc Rupert Murdoch. They haven’t sold yet, and a sale isn’t guaranteed, but […]

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