Anaheim Ducks

I was all set to be angry that another warm-weather city won the Stanley Cup, but I’ll give Anaheim the benefit of the doubt for the following reasons:

  1. People in the region seem to care about the team at least a little bit.
  2. Changing the name to just Ducks to get rid of the Disneyfied “Mighty Ducks” legacy reversed one of the most emblematic embarrassments of the corroded, corporatized and corpulent 1990s NHL.
  3. It gave me a reason to re-read the hilarious anger directed by Edmonton fans at Chris Pronger and his wife. For Pittsburgh fans to understand, this stuff rivals the local hatred of Barry Bonds.
  4. Teemu Selanne crying. I didn’t even think the Euros cared about the Stanley Cup, yet he was on there bawling his eyes out. Funny stuff.
  5. Ottawa knocked out the Penguins, and it’s fun to watch them lose yet again.

It helps to have the triple deke.

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  1. Yeah, thats a big bruising team there. they could repeat. peace

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