Barack Obama’s comments about talking directly to Iran and North Korea is a great example of just how narrow our political debate really is: the guy’s talking about doing exactly what the U.S. did for 40 years during the Cold War (which we won), and somehow taking this stance means he supports Iran and North Korea. It’s a lot like the time Obama acknowledged that the Palestinians are suffering, which has long been another truth that must not be spoken. Luckily we have Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney to save us. When I think Hillary and Mitt, I think of things like “conviction” and “short-term political considerations having absolutely no effect on what one says or does in regards to our nation’s well-being.”

If Barack wants to fit into the American political establishment, he clearly needs to learn the arts of ignoring reality and lying to the public, and fast.

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  1. Obama is my hero…

    Posted by Craig | July 26th, 2007 at 8:45 am
  2. The same thing said by two different people will be taken differently, because people look at intent, rather than content sometimes.

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