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Evo Morales: Not Cool

Apparently Bolivia’s president gave the Iranian president a reception with military honors: Ahmadinejad shores up support in Bolivia, Venezuela If you don’t like the U.S., well OK, but the last time I was in Bolivia (last August, actually) I don’t remember any Bolivians expressing support for the imposition of a Shi’ite Muslim theocracy in the […]

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Abizaid: World Could Abide Nuclear Iran Assuming Iran actually is trying to get nuclear weapons, which is still an assumption, I agree particularly with his note about Iran not being suicidal. The Iranians also know that slipping a weapon to Hizballah would be so easily traced that they might as well just openly launch a […]

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“Moral Vacuum”

This column was deeply unsettling and thought-provoking: The Age of Irresponsibility For a President who believes so deeply in good, evil and the need for justice, why does he think a situation with no consequences isn’t going to bring out the worst in people? And for those who argue that counterinsurgencies—from the American West to […]

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Bold Move

Could have told them two years ago that Times Select would do more harm than good: Times to Stop Charging for Parts of Its Website The bosses at the old job had us set up a similar walled-garden movement that was later abandoned for similar reasons (lost eyeballs ultimately = lost ad revenue). Opinion’s a […]

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Understanding the logistical impossibility of maintaining the troop surge, and disregarding whether or not you really believe that the past few months’ effort has worked, I can’t quite wrap my head around this one. When you say spend months arguing that a certain strategy will work, then you believe that the strategy does indeed work, […]

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I Got One For Ya

This morning I was on the subway thinking about the Korean War, just on the DL as usual, when it occurred to me that President Bush could learn a lesson from his professed exemplar, Harry S Truman. (No period after the S.) People in the Administration and the military have regularly accused Iran of aiding […]

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Too Easy, Yet Great

You don’t see these guys living in DC. Some things about New York, I really don’t miss: Though I’d say hipsterism became a parody of itself around 2003 or so, it’s still funny. (Thanks, John.)

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Our Fellow Guests

These dudes shared downtown Indy and our hotel with us during the wedding weekend. (I may or may not have mentioned to the Slate V peeps a few weeks prior that the convention would be there with us.) Good times.

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