“Moral Vacuum”

This column was deeply unsettling and thought-provoking:

The Age of Irresponsibility

For a President who believes so deeply in good, evil and the need for justice, why does he think a situation with no consequences isn’t going to bring out the worst in people? And for those who argue that counterinsurgencies—from the American West to Ireland to Malaysia to Kenya—have always involved (or even “require”) violent excesses by the occupiers, I think it’s obvious who deserves the blame for failing to learn that and promising the opposite in Iraq.

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3 Responses to ““Moral Vacuum””

  1. I was wondering this myself. Here is a case were American civilians killed innocent people, in what may have been an unprovoked attack, and they will never face any consequences. This scares me. In a country where we can now be detained with out due process, we now allow our citizens to kill civilians in another country without punishment. I am getting a whiff of some bad shit.

    I long for the days when our moral leadership came from a blow job loving liberal who believe in the rights of humanity, rather than the current amoral leadership from a blow job hating, war monger who strips people of their rights. … okay so he probably likes blow jobs.

  2. “Bush” and “moral” don’t go together in the same sentence. I would bet money that if Jenna or Barbara were in Iraq he’d be handling this thing VERY differently.

  3. You want to see this war end fast? Enact a draft with no deferments. Mandatory service for men 18-32. I know that sucks and its harsh, but it will do 2 things: 1- strengthen the armed forces to the point where companies like Blackwater will not be needed and 2- if everyone goes over there, even these chickenhawk’s kids are subjected to this hell hole they created, they will not be so keen with the idea of an open ended war.

    Don’t read me wrong, I am the last person who would want a draft, but its getting to the point it may be needed. The armed forces will break at some point. Then what are we left with? Damn war for profit bullshit.

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