Very Moving

I just read this piece by Christopher Hitchens from Vanity Fair and thought I should post it:

A Death in the Family

It hit a little close to home, I think. I come from a liberal Irish family too and have a brother in the military, and as a result I really got the part about the existence of pure motives in a world of cynical sloganeering.

It’s a very serious responsibility to have to put guys like that in the midst of mayhem, and it’s a leader’s role to make sure that attitude is honored and used wisely. But lost amidst the yelling and screaming on both sides of the aisle, there are still people who take a position because of reason and good intentions. The hope that people like Mark Daily will get to positions of power is the only thing that keeps me believing in politics.

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  1. This blows my mind. This must be the worst nightmare of any journalist – to know something you wrote encouraged someone to take action that leads to death. Poor guy.

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