That was the most relieving end to a football game in a long time.

And they even name-checked Woodland Hills. (Though from what I’ve read lately, it’s probably not a place to be proud of anymore. Be sure to read the part where a student tries to excuse his punching a cop because he thought he was only punching a security guard.)

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3 Responses to “3-0”

  1. Domination over a 0-11 team… not that I am proud of my Bears.

    Posted by Craig Press | November 27th, 2007 at 12:41 pm
  2. I feel tremendously sorry for whoever was watching that game and not emotionally tied to one of the teams…yikes.

  3. Hey I loved it. I love to watch struggle. Did you see that punt when the football stuck in the turf like a lawn dart? Classic.

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