Steelers v. Bengals

The game:

  • The Steelers clearly won that game on merit, but I hate seeing so many controversial calls make it a murky win. This one wasn’t as bad as the Super Bowl, which even I will admit was a lucky break. Still, Seattle beat themselves that time. Enough revisiting.
  • Willie Parker has fumbled twice in the entire season before today. Therefore, the fumbles this game get a “so what”.
  • Congrats to Hines on the TD record.
  • I hate the Patriots, but I hate the Ravens more. That’s why I really hope this screenshot from my Time Magazine NFL pick ’em league comes to pass. (Also note how close I was on the Sunday tiebreaker score. Hell yeah. Good thing I was wrong, because my prediction would have wound up as a push. But, it didn’t. Hell yeah again.)

Pat's prediction - New England 49, Baltimore 3

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  1. Yeah – we stand to get beat tonight. I don’t foresee a total blowout, though, becuase we finally have a healthy defensive secondary.

    At least I scored free tickets to game!

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