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Pittsburgh Penguins: Worst Actors Ever

Thanks to Jerry for cluing me in to this awesome commercial. The first nine seconds are blank, but keep watching: Why didn’t Malkin get an equally terrible/hilarious line?

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The GOP in Florida

Quick reaction: I am relieved for America’s role in the world that Rudy Giuliani is out of the race. He was notoriously advised on “World War IV” by none other than Norman Podhoretz, the Iraq war advocate who also wrote last year that he “hopes and prays” for the bombing of Iran. Giuliani’s reputation for […]

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Awesome Maps Site

I just happened across, which is a site dedicated to — believe it or not — strange and interesting maps. If you like geography, history or pretty much anything statistical, you should check it out. Here’s a thought-provoking map of religion in the United States, with the light blue being counties that have more […]

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Pro Massage: Overrated

Hey all. I’m going to base the following opinion on a statistically suspect sample of N=1, but hey, why not. When G and I were on our honeymoon in Mexico, they had a complementary massage session at the hotel where we stayed. I looked forward to this with some trepidation, being that I had never […]

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The Atlantic Monthly just opened up its paid site to be free to web users. I was just saying the other day how I had heard this 2005 article about talk radio was an excellent portrait of the industry, and that I wished the site were open to non-subscribers so I could read it. Obviously […]

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Primary Picks Update

For anyone keeping score — aside from the dudes at work, who already are — I’m currently tied for 10th out of 14 Slate people in our work primary pool. We get different point values per state for each correct 1st, 2nd or 3rd-place pick up through Feb. 5, and right now I have 14. […]

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The History Channel tonight aired their Life After People show, which I did not catch thanks to the Penguins-Capitals game. (It was good, then came the part where the Pens lost.) H to the C hyped it big time, including buying advertising on Slate, and I was intrigued despite this prime example of my shifting-focus […]

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Agreed on this one: Has AT&T Lost Its Mind? I’ll decline the surveillance service, thanks, and I too don’t envy their customer service workers.

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Quick Hits

Yo. Romney winning Michigan is a little surprising, but then I say that as someone who picked him to win the state a few weeks back, only to later doubt my own pick. The reports said a lot of his votes came from the affluent Michigan suburbs, which would make sense because I really don’t […]

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Pat’s Going to Michigan

I got the good news on Friday: I’ll be heading this fall to the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan to be part of the class of 2010. I mentioned this fall that application essays were sapping my blogging resolve, so now yinz know what that was about. I’m definitely relieved to […]

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