Get FirefoxThough I’m a huge Firefox booster, lately version has been eating up virtual memory like a fat dude at a Louisiana Chinese buffet. And that’s both on my home PC (which is mad old) and work PC (which is still sorta old but faster, like Bruce Smith in his waning days.) Version 3.0, now in beta development, is supposed to fix the memory leaks, but if you use version 2.0, be sure you close firefox.exe from the Windows Task Manager now and then.

And if you use a Mac, you should probably be visiting instead. At the moment, nobody’s registered that. Now’s your shot to create the web’s most accurately named Mac community!

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4 Responses to “Firefox”

  1. Oooh, dem’s fightin’ words, mister.

    Macs are lovely, lovely machines.

  2. See, I came here to express my sincere condolences about the whole Steelers thing, and you have to go and bash the Best Computer Ever. Enjoy closing ‘firefox.exe’…

  3. how about

  4. go and see and you’ll see, your browser will be faster

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