Guitar Hero III

I don’t know how many of you have played the newest PS2 installment of Guitar Hero, but it has this horrible feature called Guitar Battle where you play against a boss and win by sabotaging the other dude’s guitar. (editor’s note: ?) Take the concept of fun, turn it upside down, and that’s pretty much how this part of the game works.

Guitar Hero III does have a phat song selection, including the baddest-ass leftist protest song ever, “Bulls on Parade”. But as for the battle, I call it the worst offense toward an awesome video game franchise since Contra: Legacy of War.

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4 Responses to “Guitar Hero III”

  1. I stayed away from GH under the theory that I should break out the real one, but it looks like a lot of fun.
    Plus, having a kid gave me carpal tunnel. Seriously! Its all that holding him up business.

  2. Yeah, I’m with you on the real guitar thing — I haven’t advanced as much as planned since buying one 18 months ago — but GH really appeals to my lazy side. Not to mention I have friends who play in bands and can’t get enough of GH.

  3. I agree completely on the battle thing. I LOVED GH2, but hated the battle crap when I went head-to-head with friends in 3: It takes away the whole singular accomplishment of beating them and makes it dependent on activating star power (which I can never do consistently).

    Still, I’m not as into the playlist in 3 as I was in 2.

    Pat, have you played Rock Band yet, or are you a conscientious objector as a GH fan? I kick ass at the drums.

  4. I’ve stayed away from that one, partially thanks to my GH loyalty, but also because the loud drum clacking I always hear at Best Buy turns me off. I can only imagine Geeta’s dismay at having me play with that thing while she’s trying to study.

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