New Hampshire

  • Clinton’s win today is supposedly a shocking victory, but I had called that one in my work primary pool. (I also called Obama winning Iowa. What.) I think the “crying” episode put her over the top: humanization was clearly exactly what she needed.
  • Speaking of that video, am I the only one who doesn’t think she actually cried? The commentary I read made it sound like she pulled a “Leave Britney alone!”, yet after watching the video three times I still can barely discern the parts where her voice supposedly breaks:

    I did find it to be strikingly emotional and personal for her, and that’s true whether you believe it was staged or not. (My vote: not staged.)

  • And how stage-managed do people really have to believe you to be when there’s a big debate as to whether you genuinely show emotion or not? If I got up on stage and punched a dude in the face, I’m pretty sure you all wouldn’t be like, “Well, did he actually not like the guy, or did he just do this as a ploy to show his fist-forming abilities to the masses? It’s hard to say!”
  • And did you know the “Leave Britney alone” commentator is a dude? I think I was the last person in the country to learn this.
  • McCain won. Good for him. And where is Giuliani? He seems to have assumed the Fred Thompson role of just hanging out and figuring he’s cool enough to get votes anyway. I know he’s gunning for later states, but completely ignoring the first two primaries is pretty weird.
  • I predicted in my pool that the two winners today will be the ultimate nominees. But, we’ll see.

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    10 Responses to “New Hampshire”

    1. I still think she has an electibility issue. As I was talking to my in-laws. The just have a revulsion towards Hillary. I will admit I am warming up to her. Now don’t get me wrong, I would vote for her above any of the Republicans. I think we need someone charismatic, hopeful, and with a plan as our nominee. I think an Obama-Clinton ticket would be great. I just think Obama needs to be the first name on the ticket. There are too many left leaning republicans now that won’t vote for a Clinton.

      Posted by Craig Press | January 9th, 2008 at 11:10 am
    2. Left-leaning Republicans? I can’t say I’ve met any of them. I know a few conservative Democrats, but not the other way around.

    3. Nice prognosticating! Is it possible that McCain drew independents that might have voted Obama?

    4. Good McCain theory, but I really think that there’s no unifying GOP guy. Romney feels like the party’s “Well, I guess we can pick him if nobody else comes along” guy, but then each state is going to have a different dude for “Romney is alright, but I really like X”. In Iowa, you got Huckabee; New Hampshire is more of a McCain state. I think Fred Thompson could potentially fill that role too in assorted states, and certainly Giuliani.

    5. I think McCain did steal many Obama votes. I also think that Obama did very well considering he was down in the polls last week. They are saying he didn’t get a Iowa bump, but that is just in comparison to the polls from this past weekend, not those from before Iowa.

      I think Romney is done. He is to inconsistent to garner the votes and people are creeped out by his hair. I think that McCain will step it up.

      By left-leaning republicans I mean, Republicans that have moved to the left of the Republican party. Old Goldwater conservatives that are displeased with Bush and are willing to consider voting democrat.

      Posted by Craig Press | January 9th, 2008 at 12:05 pm
    6. I also worry about Hillary’s electibility. (What’s up with Firefox not recognizing that word?) The conservatives I know react as negatively to her as the lefties I know do to Bush – they just see red and become unable to process logic. (This includes myself. I can’t discuss that man rationally.)

    7. Dont count out Mitt cause he got cash money. And lots of it. Look at how fast The Hill squaked about money when she stumbled. Those donations will go where the momentum is. Cash MOney rules cause of air time. And Mitt got cash. BO, The Hill, and Mitty are the money, they will go the distance cause they can sustain. Freakin nutz how much money it takes to be prez.

    8. I was going to roll out my campaign. The motto is “Cash Money you can believe in”.

      Posted by Craig Press | January 9th, 2008 at 2:37 pm
    9. Cash Money is a army, betta yet a navy!

      Who can name the rapper?

    10. Was it Lil Wayne? I think it was…not sure…

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