We’re now up to three Democrats who’ve dropped out — Bill Richardson having dropped yesterday, who was preceded by Chris Dodd and Joe Biden. So, I thought I’d state my preference now for Biden as Secretary of State should the next administration be Democratic.

Biden is pretty high on himself — note how often he appears on TV — and he did vote for that 2005 bankruptcy bill that helped out the always-needy credit-card companies. (Looking at the voting list, I note that Clinton didn’t vote one way or the other on that highly controversial bill. Interesting!)

But the thing is, every time I see Biden on TV, I find myself agreeing with nearly everything he says. The guy clearly knows his foreign-policy stuff, and assuming he actually means it, I like that he’s made noise about sparking a constitutional war-powers crisis should the President attack Iran. He also is down for a federalized pseudo-partition of Iraq, which I still think is the best hope for a settlement.

Biden would make an excellent Secretary of State. I think he probably ran for President for that exact reason: he’s got to be self-aware enough to know that he wouldn’t match up with the heavy hitters, but he got his name out there in the public eye as someone who’s serious about the executive branch. So let’s get all up on it.

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  1. I would go one step farther – Biden would make an excellent vice-president for Edwards or (especially) Obama. If you go by the current formula, established by Clinton and Bush II, the veep is no longer a token job but now a skilled and powerful presidential advisor. Biden’s foreign-policy chops would be of particular benefit to Obama if he gets the nomination, as that is by far his weakest area, the one where his youth is the most glaring. And Biden is unlike to abuse the powers of the Office of the Vice President like the current occupant has.

    Oh, and the reason Biden voted for the bankruptcy bill is obvious. Just check out your credit-card statements and see what the address is for most of those companies. He, like just about everybody in Congress, takes care of his constituents, icky as some of them can be.

  2. Biden is alright. He just needs to cite his sources….

  3. I think Richardson and Biden were both “running” for secstate. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Richardson in a Billary administration.

  4. As Historical Wit alluded to, we know he is an internationalist, since he is comfortable utilizing “resources” from the UK. That is, I suppose, a mark in his favor.

  5. All I have to add to this is “Word.”

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