Primary Picks Update

For anyone keeping score — aside from the dudes at work, who already are — I’m currently tied for 10th out of 14 Slate people in our work primary pool. We get different point values per state for each correct 1st, 2nd or 3rd-place pick up through Feb. 5, and right now I have 14. Here’s my correct picks so far:

DEMS – 10
Iowa (1 point each): Obama – 1st
N.H. (2): Clinton – 1st, Obama – 2nd, Edwards – 3rd
Nev. (1): Clinton – 1st, Obama – 2nd, Edwards – 3rd

G.O.P. – 4
Iowa (1): nope
N.H. (2): McCain – 1st
Mich. (1): Romney – 1st, McCain – 2nd
Nev.: don’t think so
S.C.: not happening

My picks so far include such spectacular misses as Giuliani placing in the top 3 for N.H. and Michigan without any campaigning, Ron Paul finishing 3rd in Nevada — I probably got distracted by the ever-present Paultard hacking threat — and Joe Biden staying in the race to finish 3rd in New York. (Where the hell did I come up with that one?)

So I’d like to thank the Republicans for not only playing havoc with our great nation, but costing me bragging rights among my coworkers. (Minus a certain high-placed editor, who at the moment is tied for last.) Much obliged, dudes.

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