The GOP in Florida

Quick reaction:

  • I am relieved for America’s role in the world that Rudy Giuliani is out of the race. He was notoriously advised on “World War IV” by none other than Norman Podhoretz, the Iraq war advocate who also wrote last year that he “hopes and prays” for the bombing of Iran. Giuliani’s reputation for racial divide would not play well either at home or on the world stage. Bob Herbert said on TV today that it seemed that the more voters got to know Giuliani, the less they liked him, and that does seem to have played out with his Florida dropoff.
  • While McCain is the favorite nominee of so many independents and those straddling the party divide, I do think he’ll have to nominate a very Bush-like running mate to help strengthen party support for his ticket. Look for someone like Sam Brownback to turn up again.
  • I’m still surprised Romney has gotten this far.

I wonder how McCain vs. Clinton could play out?

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