The One Downside to the Giants’ Victory

”As for the 1972 Dolphins, I don’t take joy in the fact the Patriots lost – period,” said Jim Mandich, the tight end on the 17-0 team. ”But I do relish and savor the fact that there has only been one unbeaten team in the history of the NFL, and it is the 1972 Miami Dolphins.”

Seriously, 1972 dudes: after 35 years, it’s time to give it a rest. The Patriots won 18 in a row counting the AFC Championship, while you Dolphin jags had to win 17 including the Super Bowl. Times have changed.

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3 Responses to “The One Downside to the Giants’ Victory”

  1. Not winning the Super Bowl is a pretty big deal! 1972 Dolphins are still on top, young fellow.

    I’m an old guy. In elementary school I ordered every Scholastic book I could about that team. Then it was the Raiders…

  2. That’s fair, I’m not denying the greatness of the likes of Mercury Morris and Larry Csonka — the latter being equally great at announcing American Gladiators in its initial go-round. I do think it’s fair to complain about how these guys keep popping up every year for champagne whenever a good team loses for the first time. You have a great record, and we all acknowledge this, so let’s chill with the self-congratulation and let things go how they’ll go.

  3. While I find that ‘Phins team tiresome… the new commercial with Eli delivering them a present is too damn funny.

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