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Here’s Hoping This Election Comes Through

Optimism isn’t in great supply for this Zimbabwean election, because even though the opposition party has apparently defeated the 28-year incumbent Mugabe, I don’t see him giving in to any concept of fairness when he could simply rig the vote on a massive scale. Already the vote results are being delayed, so there’s that. And […]

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I’m New to the Job Thing and Into Web Media. What Systems Should I Learn?

I feel like I’ve run into iterations of this question a few times lately, so here go some words of whizzzdum. If I were some 21-year-old dude again, but my 21-year-old self was transported to 2008 and I was looking for a job in media websites, I’d pick up some books on the following languages […]

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Ignore my previous dour economic analysis. I just got this in the mail: Dear Taxpayer, We are pleased to inform you that the United States Congress passed and President George W. Bush signed into law the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008, which provides for economic stimulus payments to be made to over 130 million American […]

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Going A Bit Too Far With Web Advertising

I’m all for innovative Internet advertising — it puts enchiladas on my table — but Phorm’s plan for tracking users’ comprehensive Internet behavior via their ISP seems a bit overboard. The privacy concerns are obvious, so I’ll come at this from a business perspective. Phorm on its face is obviously bad for individual media outlets, […]

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The Men Running America (In the Wrong Direction)

Two great moments in quotations today, both from men with the power to influence and shape America’s economic and political situation. The first comes courtesy of Aron Wilder, the CEO of HTFC, a small firm that takes loan applications and sells residential mortgages to larger lenders like GMAC. They’re one of many direct players involved […]

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Great Afghanistan Piece

I think this has floated around the web a bit, but if you haven’t read it, check out this NY Times magazine piece: Battle Company Is Out There It’s very heavy, but gripping. I’ve read a few people complaining that it’s biased or gives an incomplete picture of the war, but that’s not what it’s […]

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Quick Hits

Barack Obama’s speech today was a good one, but I don’t quite know why it’s being presented as a game-changer. He had some really intelligent things to say, but he said them over half an hour. Now he’s dependent on a soundbite media to convey that message to voters who won’t otherwise seek him out, […]

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I’m a White Person, and I Like Stuff Granted, the title “stuff liberal white yuppies like” is a lot more accurate, but this is still quality satire. Here is a good example; I had a design prof in college who loved AdBusters. (Ironically she was not white.) Advanced white people will supplement No Logo with a subscription to AdBusters, where they will […]

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I Come to Praise the Irish-Food Quarter-Aisle

Erin Go Bragh, dudes. It being St. Patrick’s Day — at least in one hour — I’d like all of you still living in NYC to take a moment at your local grocery establishment and appreciate the 1/4 of an aisle devoted to feeding the Irish immigrant masses, those still moving to New York after […]

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Bear Sterns: A Lose-Lose for the U.S.

Bear Sterns, the biggest player in the subprime mortgage crisis, agreed today to sell itself to JPMorgan for an astounding $2 per share. The deal was set up by the Federal Reserve, which feared that Bear Sterns’ failing to find a buyer would have flooded the market with mortgage-backed securities and ruined more banks holding […]

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