Turn of Phrase of the Day

One has to wonder at this stage whether Senator Obama and his children’s crusade completely appreciated that this is the way it would play out, but then their own actual delegate count is not immediately affected by last night’s events. What may be affected is their blissful sense that it would all be one long peace-and-love cakewalk to the nomination. (And this same uneasy feeling may communicate itself to the voters of the great blue-collar state of Pennsylvania, where there are a number of hardened adult political types who are wedded to an old-fashioned and unsentimental version of the Democratic Party.)

Agreed on the Pennsylvania problems for Obama. Hitchens is too harsh on the candidate in this piece, but I do love “children’s crusade”. Touché, old dude.

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  1. Agreed also. He only won 5 counties in Ohio. And that problem will raise its ugly head in PA too.

  2. I’d rather have the one that fights like a wounded Puma or whatever.

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