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Squid Blog

The colossal squid in New Zealand is being defrosted and studied right now, and the lab set up a blog: While this squid is most fascinating, I can’t help but agree with this BBC dude that the catching of really weird deep-sea animals is a bad sign: it means fisherman are going further and […]

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And For More Pyrrhic Victory Analysis

There’s this from The Root: The Democratic Party’s Nightmare

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A Winner Is Clinton

Whiskey-drinking beat gutterball-bowling today in my home state’s leisure-activity primary, proving that the Canadian distilled-spirits industry packs an electoral punch that can’t be beat. I’m pretty surprised by the results in this Pennsylvania primary-results graphic from, in that I figured Hillary would probably win, but not by this much. She crushed Obama in all […]

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Bring on the Rangers informs me that the Flyers just won Game 7 over the Capitals in overtime tonight, 3-2. I had to check that online because the game is inexplicably blacked out here in DC. It was a home game, so maybe it didn’t sell out. But I can’t find any explanation online, so if I were […]

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One More Business-School-Weekend Tale

Here’s a good one for all my NU buds: One of the career panel discussions featuring Michigan alums had a panelist who had attended the University of Wisconsin as an undergrad. When they opened the panel up for questions, I asked another panelist what he thought about the consulting vs. general management track at Ross, […]

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Quality Dig at West Virginia

While Perry Bible Fellowship is solid, my favorite web comic would have to be Toothpaste for Dinner. Here’s one reason why:

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Thoughts on Business-School Admit Weekend

I spent last weekend in Ann Arbor, Mich., for “Go Blue Rendezvous”, the school’s official event for admitted students. Final verdict: fun. I’m sorry to all the Michigan haters out there, but the place is pretty damn cool. I say that first of all because people at Ross just seem down-to-earth. I met a ton […]

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Peanut Butter: Hero Food

I’m sitting here reading about PHP exception handling when the idea strikes me: some peanut-butter toast would hit the spot like some sort of proverbial spot-hitting device. That got me thinking about why peanut butter is an amazing product. Peanut butter tastes great. You can rock peanut butter with lots of things: chocolate, jelly, Nutella, […]

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Not Cool, The Economist

I was working my way through my weekly Economist when I came upon this gem in a story about Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh feels decayed, like Cleveland, Ohio. What a bunch of jagoffs. Everybody knows Cleveland was the nation’s No. 1 poorest city in 2003, while Pittsburgh was only 37th. Take that, haters! We’re Number 37!

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Obama and PA

Friend of the site Steve B., whose New York Islanders failed to make the playoffs and thus are not up three games to none like my Pittsburgh Penguins, writes: what do you make of this Obama/Pennsylvania thing? Well, Steve: in short, it was mad dumb and probably will get its damage on. This is usually […]

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