A Winner Is Clinton

Whiskey-drinking beat gutterball-bowling today in my home state’s leisure-activity primary, proving that the Canadian distilled-spirits industry packs an electoral punch that can’t be beat.

I’m pretty surprised by the results in this Pennsylvania primary-results graphic from NYTimes.com, in that I figured Hillary would probably win, but not by this much. She crushed Obama in all the whitey parts of central PA that will vote Republican anyway, but she also won Allegheny County. (Pitt students: as a large body of the young people who are supposed to be all “Obama is my life,” where were you on that one? Did everybody skip the primary today to drink 40s at the O?) Admittedly Allegheny was closer than the boonie counties, but then a 10% margin of victory (55-45) is pretty significant.

Six quick summations to end:

  1. I’m not at all surprised by Hillary’s win;
  2. I am surprised by her margin of victory;
  3. Throwing the kitchen sink at your opponent works a lot better than political optimists would like to admit;
  4. Hillary can kiss the black and youth vote goodbye if she wins the nomination;
  5. Barack is just going to be a “meh” candidate for the huge working-class Democratic segment if he wins;
  6. Winning the Democratic nomination is becoming more of a Pyrrhic victory each day.

A Winner Is You

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  1. I don’t think McCain is that strong a candidate. His presence is not commanding, his voice is reedy, he has a mixed record and he doesn’t have any consistent approach that I know of. I think Hillary can beat McCain. Her skeletons are long known and precede her fairly impressive senate term. I have an idea of what her approach is. Obama is an exciting candidate on the surface, but will not be all that attractive to most voters when they get down to the issues or they scratch that surface.

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