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Colossal squid

The colossal squid in New Zealand is being defrosted and studied right now, and the lab set up a blog:


While this squid is most fascinating, I can’t help but agree with this BBC dude that the catching of really weird deep-sea animals is a bad sign: it means fisherman are going further and further into the ocean to satisfy our ravenous fish-eating appetites. And I know I will be pissed if tuna steaks cease to exist.

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  1. And/or squid are having to venture farther afield to find food as we eat more of theirs!

  2. i just ate a tuna steak with herbed aioli. it was spectacular. but i do worry a lot about declining populations. i love me some seafood and the idea of dead empty oceans makes me sad.

    enough that i stopped eating swordfish.

    Posted by Rich | May 1st, 2008 at 6:34 pm

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