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MSNBC: Just Filling the Niche, So Relax

Today I was reading this WP article about MSNBC’s left-leaning slant and found myself wondering why dudes were fussing. MSNBC has exactly two prominent liberal commentators, Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews. We can pare that down to one because Matthews is usually unwatchable and isn’t really that liberal anyway. (He did vote for Bush in […]

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Pens Back in Business

The crowd enthusiasm coming through tonight was amazing. I wanted to jump through my TV screen and beat up an octopus.

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Settled (Mostly) in Chicago

We’re up in the new place after our three-leg, two-vehicle, 921-mile journey out to Illinois. Things are mostly unpacked, but more than anything I’m glad the moving part is over. I managed just fine with the U-Haul truck. The testosterone highlight of the trip for me was when one of the movers asked me, “Who […]

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So Long, D.C.

What I’ll Miss Least: The transient nature of the city–at least the whitey part of the city. (NW, plus Capitol Hill SE and NE where we live.) I can’t shake the feeling that most people are here just to soon go somewhere else, and thus it’s harder to feel settled here than it has been […]

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On The Way …

… in spectacular fashion.

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Gay Marriage and the 2008 Campaign

I didn’t think this one would be back again as a campaign issue, but it seems that it will be. There are a few differences this time around. First, if campaigning were a video game, the G.O.P. already used the one-time, battleground-state-gay-marriage-ballot supermove to defeat the 2004 Democrats, leaving them without the ability to use […]

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“The Happening”: Eh.

For some reason tonight, I ended up reading the entire leaked screenplay to The Happening, the new summer release from Hollywood’s greatest plot-twist-gimmick guy, M. Night Shyamalan. (And starring former 1835 Hinman resident Zooey Deschanel!) My verdict: it seems worth skipping. There isn’t really any big plot twist, because the nature of the beast becomes […]

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One more and it’s on to Detroit. (Sorry, Kuper, but things just aren’t looking good for your boys.)

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What About Burma?

With the immense humanitarian disaster occurring in Burma / Myanmar right now, there’s been a great deal of frustrated commentary from people appalled by the situation and desperate to come up with feasible ways to help. Watching the Burmese junta keep ample international stocks of food from its own people only to incompetently protect itself […]

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Penguins-Flyers Game 2

Back for the second time this weekend: As much as I love seeing a Penguins goal, watching the Flyers get angry and frustrated is even more rewarding. I can see now that neither team is going to physically overpower the other on the way to victory, and that the series is really going to turn […]

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