Settled (Mostly) in Chicago

Uhaul 17-footerWe’re up in the new place after our three-leg, two-vehicle, 921-mile journey out to Illinois. Things are mostly unpacked, but more than anything I’m glad the moving part is over.

I managed just fine with the U-Haul truck. The testosterone highlight of the trip for me was when one of the movers asked me, “Who backed that [truck] in? You? Nice job,” when looking at the narrow alley behind our building. (That was without any guidance, thank you. I am pure steel.) About an hour later another of the tenants had to move her car out of the garage, requiring me to move the truck. I drove it down an alley nearby, thinking I could just drive straight through, but instead spent ten minutes turning the thing Austin-Powers style around a corner before I got out. Thus ended my truck-driving high.

While I now feel good about my own Teamster skills, I don’t get how U-Haul can rent bigger trucks than that one to the general public. A 26-foot moving van? A dude was driving one this weekend through Lakeview — he took a corner too widely, almost hit a bus, then had to back up in the middle of a six-way intersection. I thought cool over-one’s-head-on-the-road stuff like that is only supposed to happen in Third-World countries and New York City’s Chinatown-bus system.

Overall it was an unusually smooth move. The only things that broke were a cat-food container that fell out while I was unloading some extra boxes and a one-inch refrigerator magnet. I’m a little freaked out by how little went wrong. Apparently my payback has been the two games in Detroit. The less said about those, the better.

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2 Responses to “Settled (Mostly) in Chicago”

  1. Very nice, Patrick
    Hope to see you at the Reunion in Pittsburgh on July 5

    Posted by Uncle John | May 27th, 2008 at 12:06 pm
  2. Well done!

    Top speed on our coast to coast move a couple of years ago – 85. I am not a fast driver but there’s something about four or five days of driving and long nearly empty roads…

    We went with a Penske truck. That thing was an animal! Up and over the Rockies and back up the Cascades without slowing down. Wife did all the tough driving, though. She has more huevos than I.

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