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The Top News Outlets for May 2008

Just saw this list of the most popular online news sources from Nielsen Online. Brand or Channel — May ’08 Unique Audience (000) — May ’07 Unique Audience (000) Yahoo! News — 35,846 — 30,451 MSNBC Digital Network — 35,184 — 28,347 CNN Digital Network — 33,101 — 29,094 AOL News — 22,524 — 17,444 […]

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Reading Recs

I recently read and enjoyed the following, so feel free to hook that up for yourself: This UK Daily Mail profile of John McCain’s first wife. I had always heard about his first marriage, but knew next to nothing about it. Definitely a sensationalist source, but an unflattering new look. An article on the prevalence […]

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Tim Russert

I was sad to hear that Tim Russert died today at 58. He represented one of the last of the genial TV-news hosts in a field of openly biased shouters, and for that he was appreciated. There are times he should have been a lot more confrontational — the Iraq war buildup never did have […]

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John McLaughlin! OMG WTF

What on Earth is this about? (Watch to the end)

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Not Missing NYC Right Now

“The temperature hit 99 degrees at La Guardia Airport, 4 degrees higher than the previous high set on June 9, 1984; it was 99 degrees at Newark Liberty Airport, tying a record set in 1933. In Central Park, the high temperature was 96, one degree shy of the record. Temperatures in Islip, on Long Island, […]

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Beer or Pizza?

If you had to give up beer or pizza for good, which is the right answer? I have to choose to give up beer. There’s always The Tyrconnell. There’s just no substitute for pizza. End post.

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Too Big, Too Experienced, Too Osgooded

What a bummer. They went down fighting to the very final seconds–I did the two-handed hair-grab and futile stare at the sky as the puck rolled past Osgood and across the goal mouth–but Detroit has just been too overwhelming this series. I haven’t seen stifling defense like that since the New Jersey trap era. Props […]

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Congrats to Obama. So Now What?

Quick hits: Clinton might not have won, but she certainly gets to play kingmaker. She set the pattern for the fall: black people and people under 40 for the O-man, and everybody else for her. Once you add in the masses of lily-white crotchety Republicans and extrapolate that same pattern, it looks like Obama loses […]

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Game Six. What.

You know, I was all set to write the Pens’ obituary, and yet I should not have given up on those Frenchies Maxime and Marc-André. And, of course, Sykora with calling the goal. The whole thing was the shiznit. Now they need to avoid coming back and blowing Game 6 by 8-0 or something. And […]

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Slow Clap For This Man For Keeping The Penguins Alive Single-Handedly

I can barely even watch this, dudes. There are a few too many spectacular saves for comfort.

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