Game Six. What.

Pens win!

You know, I was all set to write the Pens’ obituary, and yet I should not have given up on those Frenchies Maxime and Marc-André. And, of course, Sykora with calling the goal. The whole thing was the shiznit.

Now they need to avoid coming back and blowing Game 6 by 8-0 or something.

And sorry to my new neighbors for bringing the celebratory ruckus.

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One Response to “Game Six. What.”

  1. Man i agree it is hard to watch. Its like the wings are strangling them. MAF is a one man wrecking crew. Its like his will is the only thing keeping the Penguins alive. What Jedi skills the young master has.

    I was flipping back and forth between the O’s game and this. The O’s played Boston so it was in hd. Had to watch. I tuned in for the last 90 seconds and was freakin floored when that goal went in. Scared the crap out of my wife on the couch. She jumped and picked her head up and said “Ye of little faith.” How true cause I gave these guys up mid way through the second game. Last night when Gonchar got hurt, I said it was a done deal. But I am wrong. Even if they don’t win, it was freakin nice to see the Penguins wipe those stupid smiles off the faces of the 17000 plus in the Joe. Good work Penguins.

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