Too Big, Too Experienced, Too Osgooded

What a bummer. They went down fighting to the very final seconds–I did the two-handed hair-grab and futile stare at the sky as the puck rolled past Osgood and across the goal mouth–but Detroit has just been too overwhelming this series. I haven’t seen stifling defense like that since the New Jersey trap era.

Props to you, Penguins, for a mad phat season and for never giving up. And please re-sign Brooks Orpik and anybody else you can. Orpik played his ass off and we’ll miss anybody else who goes.

Also, Zetterberg for the Conn Smythe is ridiculous. I would have chosen Osgood, Franzen, Holstrom or Lidstrom first.

Now back to our regularly scheduled non-sports blogging until football season rolls around.

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  1. No way. Zetterberg was stronger throughout the entire playoff run than any other player for the Wings. Make no mistake, Franzen, Osgood and Lidstrom were phenomenal as well, especially during the final series against Pittsburgh, but Zetterberg more than deserves the Conn Smythe honors.

    Hey, Hey Hockeytown! 😉

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