Beer or Pizza?

If you had to give up beer or pizza for good, which is the right answer?

I have to choose to give up beer. There’s always The Tyrconnell. There’s just no substitute for pizza.

End post.

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4 Responses to “Beer or Pizza?”

  1. Rootbeer pairs quite well with pizza. Not any better for you, except driving-wise.

  2. I drink beer a few times a week. I have pizza a few times a month. While I would miss it, I’d say bye-bye to pizza.

    I’ve got to say that I’m not sure there is any food dish I wouldn’t give up before beer. It’s my go-to accompaniment for pretty much everything.

    Posted by Jerry | June 6th, 2008 at 11:09 am
  3. In the short term, I’d say beer, but I know in the longview, I’d miss pizza more. I can always replace beer with a cocktail. Unless you’re going to give me calzones and stromboli as pizza facsimiles (I anticipate that this is not an option), pizza must remain.

  4. Beer is gone. I made pizza for 10 years. I know how to make a killa pizza pie. Its a staple for dinner in my house. Straight up. Give me a martini, extra olive, extra dry straight up grey goose please. Or I can do fine with a variety of red wines. Or a goood burboune on the rocks. Or a good sippin cup of Petron. Or a warm cider. Or a phat sangria. oh yeah baileys and coffee. No no VO and 7 on the rocks. Alright…I might actaully have a drinking problem.

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