Not Missing NYC Right Now

Empire State Building“The temperature hit 99 degrees at La Guardia Airport, 4 degrees higher than the previous high set on June 9, 1984; it was 99 degrees at Newark Liberty Airport, tying a record set in 1933. In Central Park, the high temperature was 96, one degree shy of the record. Temperatures in Islip, on Long Island, and Bridgeport in Connecticut, easily broke previous records.

Tuesday was not likely to offer any respite from the 90-degree heat, according to the National Weather Service, adding that temperatures would drop back into the 80s by Wednesday.” — The New York Times

So many memories from those New York summers of 2002-2005–the smell of rotting food in plastic bags; the rolling sweat streams down the back of my leg while I stood on the subway platform each morning; sweaty fat dudes in tank tops bumping into people; the brownouts; the residents yelling at each other in anger on the street.

Yes, summer is the worst time to be a New Yorker, and it’s descended on the city like a dumpsterful of fermented trash juice. So to my peeps still living there: I miss plenty of things about my old town, but as for this and the other heat waves headed your way this summer, I sure am glad to have bailed out.

Don’t forget a change of undershirt–I know I used to need a new one by 2 p.m. or so. Sexy.

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2 Responses to “Not Missing NYC Right Now”

  1. Total opposite reaction. I love the mind-bogglingly oppressive summer heat. I can’t get enough of this. The wife made me put the AC in the other day (was hoping to get the move in without installing the window unit in the old place), and I’m bummed. I just love sitting around in the utter blanket of heat. Bring on the 100+!

  2. I hated it. And i couldn’t believe that I had arguments with people who tried to say the subways were air conditioned.

    SF has been hot the last couple of days. Supposed to hit 90 tomorrow.

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