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Frank Rich, Chill Out A Little

It’s not even August yet, broseph. Certainly not yet time to head into breathless polemic territory, no matter whom you want to win.

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Your Write, Liberel Papers Never Get They’re Facts Strait

Today I got a letter asking me to subscribe to the Washington Times newspaper, the Rev. Sun-Myung Moon-backed conservative oracle. I don’t know how I got on their mailing list, as I’m the type (both actual and demographic) who’s unlikely to respond positively to a printed quote from Rush Limbaugh that “The Washington Times is […]

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Dudes, Why So Much Debt?

The Wife and I had a good discussion today sparked by Sunday’s first piece in the New York Times series on debt in America. (And thanks to J Frog for sending me that way today.) I did learn a nice history of the lending industry from the article, in particular the industry’s shift in focus […]

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Obama’s Biggest Trip Gain: Quality Stock Footage for Fall

“Does this make me look West Wing?” The hot-spot, Central Command phase of Barack Obama’s foreign-policy tour is winding down, and so far he seems to have hit all the right political notes. Hooping it up was a particularly swift move, but even more fortunate was the fact that Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki came […]

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Pointing Out David Addington

John Yoo got the bulk of the negative publicity for his torture memo, but I’ve read many times that David Addington has been the real advocate for scrapping the rule of law in the Bush Administration. This Bob Herbert column on Addington makes that point better than I can.

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Is The Internet Rewiring My Brain?

As someone who once spent three weeks as a copy-edit intern, and thus as someone highly qualified to pass judgment on any copy-editing decision ever made, the following are my issues with the Atlantic headline “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” The web is much bigger than Google; While it is mentioned several times, the article […]

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State of the Summer

Yo all. It’s been a mostly post-free summer for this website, but life is good right now, so I’ve been living it instead of blogging it. It’s just a few short weeks now until I quit my job, go on a quick vacation and then move up to Ann Arbor for b-school. While going to […]

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New McCain Ad: “Love”

Maybe it’s a Pennsylvania thing, but I’ve started to see presidential campaign commercials back here in Pittsburgh. This one has a funny subtext: “John McCain was a war hero. But there was something even more important than that: John McCain was not a hippie.”

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“Cut His Nuts Off”

I’m picking up a hint of jealousy here. You’d think a guy who did so much to allow this nomination to happen would have saved the personal stuff for the ride home.

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Esquire’s 75 Things To Do

My new copy of Esquire arrived today, featuring a list of 75 things every man should do by Tom Chiarella. (Sadly there’s no online link yet.) This is a sequel, the previous list being 75 skills every man should master. I notice this month’s version got a big fold-out ad placement from Patron, and on […]

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