State of the Summer

Excited for Chicago

Yo all.

It’s been a mostly post-free summer for this website, but life is good right now, so I’ve been living it instead of blogging it.

It’s just a few short weeks now until I quit my job, go on a quick vacation and then move up to Ann Arbor for b-school. While going to Michigan is bound to be fun and rewarding, at the moment it feels sad as an indicator that the summer situation will come to an end. A quick list of just what will be ending:

  • I work from home in Chicago, giving me an extra two hours of the day that would have otherwise been spent commuting. Sure, I miss the social interaction of the office and the chance to catch up on my train-bound reading, but dropping my daily commute down to the 22 seconds it takes to roll out of bed and walk down to my computer is a phat tradeoff. Admittedly it has had some deleterious effects on personal grooming, but funk doesn’t travel through phone lines.
  • The Wife is busy studying for the bar, but the plus side of that is that she doesn’t have classes (except recently ended half-day BarBri lectures) so we get all day to be the obnoxious married couple that enjoys each other’s company. And I do usually shower at her prompting. Word.
  • I have a pile of friends living here the likes of which I haven’t had since being in New York. Oddly enough, several of those friends have moved here too. Flip-cup and late-night taco stands just weren’t the same without the homies.
  • Our condo is totally sweet-ass. That’s really the only compound adjective to describe it.
  • Chicago. Summer. It’s the bomb. This summer has featured July 4th fireworks from the 70th floor of the Sears Tower, running along the lake, getting my lift on again, the discovery of my all-time favorite barbershop, relatively cool weather, plenty of socializing, and madd Italian beef sandwiches and Chicago dogs.

Ann Arbor right now represents the following: not getting paid to work in my pajamas, a wife living 250 miles away, confusion over football loyalties, and a paucity of Italian beef. That’s overly harsh and I really do think it’s going to be lots of fun, plus I hear Zingerman’s sandwiches are quite tasty, but UMich won’t be fun the same way that this summer has been.

They say you don’t know what you have until it’s gone, but I’m well aware that I have a shitload and I sure as hell am enjoying it. Here’s hoping the rest of you peeps are enjoying yours as well.

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  1. My roommate is “studying” for the Bar too right now – except he just holes up in his bedroom and watches boxing matches online. Good luck to Geeta! (Get her a massage the day before, and the day after the Bar – you will earn so many points.)

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