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Michigan 27, Wisconsin 25

What a come-from-behind Michigan victory today! Twenty points in the fourth quarter to beat the ninth-ranked Badgers. And guess who left the stadium early after a totally disgusting Michigan first half, convinced this is the year to go back to being a Northwestern (now 5-0) fan? Whoops. But at least I have lots of company […]

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The Pat Take on the Debate

I, too, enjoyed the finery of verbal evasion and interpersonal sniping that was the inaugural 2008 U.S. presidential debate. Let’s rock some stuff: First off, name-dropping: some MBA section friends and I tried to watch the debate at a local A2 watering hole, only to have our peaceful watching interrupted by a hard-partying Michael Phelps […]

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Best Subprime Crisis Explanation Ever

Not only is this satire extremely informative (really!), I also learned that Google’s PowerPoint imitation isn’t all that bad: Subprime Works Oh yeah, and to the candidates: bad economic stuff happened that’s probably worth a discussion, just FYI.

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Recent things: I believe that even if I supported anything about Sarah Palin, I’d still be really sick of seeing her everywhere I turn. Conservatives would compare Palin’s star power to Obama, but Obama’s ascent took a good two years and wasn’t compressed into a two-week news cycle. He’s also one of the two people […]

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Obama vs. McCain on the Media

I no longer work there, but that won’t stop me from plugging this nicely summarizing Slate piece by Tim Wu detailing the two presidential candidates’ positions on media ownership and net neutrality. Suffice it to say that I fall squarely within the Obama camp on the question of net neutrality: the Internet can no longer […]

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Beaten Bucs

I hope this gets more news coverage than I expect it will, but the Pittsburgh Pirates are now tied for the longest streak of losing seasons in North American pro sports history. My past two job descriptions didn’t even exist during their last winning season. So congrats to you, Nutting family, for this fantastic record […]

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Hating the Media in Minnesota

Sometimes when I read all-too-easy “blame the media” stuff like this: “I’ve learned quickly, these past few days, that if you’re not a member in good standing of the Washington elite, then some in the media consider a candidate unqualified for that reason alone,” she said in her remarks. “But here’s a little news flash […]

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Google Chrome: The Quick Judgment

I downloaded and installed Google Chrome Beta today. So far it mostly looks good — I’m liking that Slate rendered perfectly, hell yeah, thank you — but there isn’t much special in terms of functionality. But then Google always gets things really rolling a little while after release, so I look forward to using it […]

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Ross School of Biznezz: The First Two Weeks

With my dive into the MBA life starting tomorrow, here are the past few weeks in handy bulleted-list fashion: After getting our UHaul on yet again, the wife and I are now the shiznit at this moving game. (Though she’s staying in Chicago — more on that later.) I’ve taken the wizened Ikea furniture we […]

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Baby Mama Political Drama

I will now declare this the craziest thing to happen in the 2008 election season. The decades-old fist bump gesture somehow being named as representative of Hizbollah was a close second, but that was more some misguided dude’s analysis and less an actual event. And I must add that I feel really bad for the […]

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