Beaten Bucs

I hope this gets more news coverage than I expect it will, but the Pittsburgh Pirates are now tied for the longest streak of losing seasons in North American pro sports history. My past two job descriptions didn’t even exist during their last winning season.

So congrats to you, Nutting family, for this fantastic record of poor ownership. I also find remarkable my Pirate-fan friends, who each year continue to straight-facedly tell me that, “If the bullpen pitches at about 350% of their ability and the new kid we brought up from single-A ball can hit .403 or so, then I really, honestly, truly think we can make .500 this year.”

For real: give up already.

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2 Responses to “Beaten Bucs”

  1. Never! The Bucs will get there, and sooner than you think. The recent trades have been Rays-like. And look at them. Now we just have to drop “Devil” from our team name…

  2. Too bad about the Bucs. Happy to be in Tampa Bay now rooting for the Rays (GP, the Rays did drop the “Devil” from the name this year). BTW, my mom found your page somehow and sent it to me. Take care, Eric V

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