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  • I believe that even if I supported anything about Sarah Palin, I’d still be really sick of seeing her everywhere I turn. Conservatives would compare Palin’s star power to Obama, but Obama’s ascent took a good two years and wasn’t compressed into a two-week news cycle. He’s also one of the two people actually running for president.
  • Another Palin-borne irony: after years of ignorant sports commentators decrying hockey as “not a real sport”, it’s now somehow true that being peripherally involved with organized hockey (even at the little-kid level) is considered a solid qualification for the Presidency of the United States. The NHL’s marketing department needs to jump on this with the quickness.
  • Part of the reason I was excited to get to the University of Michigan this year was the chance to go to a school with a real football program. Nevermind my conflicted loyalties from being born in Columbus and having attending another Big Ten school; this was supposed to be my chance to claim a piece of the action as the Wolverines crushed all opponents. Instead I get games like this, this and also this (which, though a win, was most unimpressive.)

    Northwestern, meanwhile, is 3-0.


  • While searching for a sound effect that would convey Michigan football’s limpness, I did manage to get seriously geeked from this:

    ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A what.

  • Congrats to my cousin Dante and his wife Kari on their new son (and, simultaneously, their anniversary), who was born just this morning and is the first of the new generation in my family. Pitt, you just gained another fan.
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  1. Another great writing. Just be glad you didn’t start school at UCLA! 59-0 is the worst I have ever heard. And I know a few people who came out here to see the Buckeyes. I had to turn the game off in the third quarter. If you remember my friends Bob and Rob . . . they had incredible seats but right in the middle of USC. They had to leave before Bob started a fight.

  2. You have a cousin named Dante?

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