Michigan 27, Wisconsin 25

What a come-from-behind Michigan victory today! Twenty points in the fourth quarter to beat the ninth-ranked Badgers.

And guess who left the stadium early after a totally disgusting Michigan first half, convinced this is the year to go back to being a Northwestern (now 5-0) fan?


But at least I have lots of company — half the student section was walking down Hill Street with me. As The Wife said, this is karmic justice for the fact that I made a rare exception to my “Don’t leave even when your team is losing” policy.

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7 Responses to “Michigan 27, Wisconsin 25”

  1. I kinda hate that you are rooting for Michigan. I hope you’ll at least favor the Cats when they meet…

  2. I’m pretty sure you can’t be a sports bigamist when it’s two teams in the same conference. You have an excuse in baseball under the “Pittsburgh Always Blows” caveat.

  3. I fully agree with the non-bigamist sentiment, and in fact I’m still having trouble with the November ‘Cats v. Michigan pick. Perhaps the audience can shed some light on the correct decision.

    I will note my options: Should I cheer for Northwestern, the school that gave me a terrific undergrad experience with so many beautiful, treasured memories but rejected me TWICE — two damn times!!!! — for business school, thus physically keeping me away from the one true love that is The Wife even as NU brought The Wife and I together in the first place?

    Or, should I cheer for Michigan, the school that a Columbus-born boy must hate with all his soul and who was Northwestern’s foil in the as-yet best football game I have ever witnessed — and yet the University of Michigan alone has fully welcomed and embraced me in my pursuit of the vital, world-class graduate business education I need to potentially make the democratic, objective, sustainable media that is my lifelong goal into a viable reality, demonstrating that Michigan has put its faith in me even as Northwestern has twice spat in my tuition-paying face?

    What would you do? Is there really a correct answer?

  4. dance with who brung ya’ the first time. you’ve got to stick with NU. the only reason your michigan watching is tolerable at all is they’re in a down year.

  5. This is very predictable coming from me, but there is not a single reason on earth to ever root for Michigan. Go ‘Cats, go.

  6. I agree with everyone else who left a comment. I can see rooting for Michigan from time to time because you’re going there now, but moving over to full-fledged fandom? No.

    Did you become a Jets or Giants fan when you moved here? F–k no, you didn’t. Were you a Redskins fan? No, you weren’t, at least not that I’m aware of.

    Why is college football any different?

  7. Other than enjoying the volume of the Big House, there is no reason to root for M. Plus it feels better to pull for the underdog. Always pull for the underdog…

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