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Good Work, Christian Science Monitor

I read this piece two days ago with news-industry glee. Yes, glee: Christian Science Paper to End Daily Print Edition, NY Times The CSM is taking the bold step that all newspapers are going to have to take in the next 15-20 years or so: moving solely to the web. They’re an ideal first mover […]

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A Great Summation

Wassup 2008: A bit corny at the end — even for an Obama supporter like me — but a sadly humorous reminder of why so much of the country thinks we’re heading in the wrong direction.

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MTV: Suddenly Great Again

MTV has been essentially a total negative in cultural energy for the past ten years, but then they go ahead and launch this site and totally redeem themselves: MTV Music Beta When they say beta, I really hope this one sticks around, because the site counts more than 21,000 videos dating back to Jimi Hendrix […]

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You Said It, Jeremy Long The Palin fires, however, show signs of banking. Over at Sheffield Lanes, mention of her name summons no glint from older bowlers, or from Jeremy and Joe Long, in their 20s, tipping Buds. They liked Mrs. Clinton but pass on Ms. Palin. “She’s always talking about the ‘Average Joe,’” Jeremy Long said. “Average me! […]

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Online Ad Revenue Drops, But Fear Not

This slightly alarmist but still insightful piece from the New York Times noted last quarter’s decline in overall ad revenue for newspaper websites. The headline “Web Revenue is Stalling” makes it sound as if the online news industry is doomed and will never recover, but that headline could just as easily have been written “As […]

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Gotta Agree

Unquestionably yes, indeed.

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But Can He Win the Rust Belt?

This New Yorker article sent to me by The Wife is a really interesting look at the parts of Ohio that would seem like Obama country, but are still a bit shaky: The Hardest Vote It’d be nice to write off racial prejudice as no longer an issue, but the big fact is that it […]

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Of Bacon, and the Ocean Equivalent of Bacon

My friend Bill sent me a link to, which I now know as the Internet’s finest source of bacon information. (Seriously, that is a professional-looking site, particularly for one devoted solely to bacon. Nice job by 500 Yards Media, whoever they are.) The specific link he sent was this page on bacon cinnamon rolls, […]

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