Of Bacon, and the Ocean Equivalent of Bacon

Bacon Cinnamon Rolls

My friend Bill sent me a link to BaconToday.com, which I now know as the Internet’s finest source of bacon information. (Seriously, that is a professional-looking site, particularly for one devoted solely to bacon. Nice job by 500 Yards Media, whoever they are.) The specific link he sent was this page on bacon cinnamon rolls, which is perhaps the greatest food idea I’ve come across in the past ten years. I remain forever grateful to Bacon Today.

Also, now that I’m living on my own in Ann Arbor, I can once again eat kipper snacks. These are some of the foulest-smelling foods ever put in a can, and as such The Wife is quite vocal in her desire that I not eat them in the house. But man, are they good. Once you fork off the slimy herring skin, the smoke flavor really does render them the bacon of the sea.

Weird Northern European foods: a staple of goodness.

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  1. I love me some bacon, but that is pretty sick. I’d try it once though!

    Kipper whaaa?!

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