But Can He Win the Rust Belt?

This New Yorker article sent to me by The Wife is a really interesting look at the parts of Ohio that would seem like Obama country, but are still a bit shaky:

The Hardest Vote

It’d be nice to write off racial prejudice as no longer an issue, but the big fact is that it still is, particularly in lots of the areas that are going to decide the election. I only hope racism doesn’t get in the way of economic self-interest.

Also, I thought McCain did slightly — slightly — better than Obama last night, even though the whole thing was tremendously boring. Reading the reactions this morning I seem to be alone in this view, but then that’s a good thing. Plus, even if it’s a tie, it automatically goes to That One thanks to the current momentum. (That is not a nice way to refer to someone when they’re sitting right there, btw.)

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2 Responses to “But Can He Win the Rust Belt?”

  1. I don’t know if I thought McCain “won” last night, but I definitely didn’t think Obama did as well as he could’ve. Nice to see someone else thought that (also nice to see that the consensus went the other way).

  2. I thought I lived in a pretty progressive community. Even my Republican friends don’t like the hate they are seeing among the base. I handed out flyers door to door for Obama yesterday, a guy came to the door and said, I won’t vote for no black Muslim. Ironic, given his obvious Native American background.

    Posted by Gremlin | October 13th, 2008 at 6:31 pm

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