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NU 21, Michigan 14

In case anybody wondered what I decided to do for today’s game: And yeah, it was hella wet and freezing out there. So the jacket was not about hiding my loyalties — I showed off the shirt plenty of times — but instead about not rollin’ hypothermia-style.

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The Real Reason Obama Won

After all, what team beat the ‘Skins to continue the Washington pro football presidential-prediction index? Truly the Steeler Nation has powers that cannot be comprehended by mere humans. A certain individual would be wise to switch over from the Chicago Bears.

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The Next Day

Well, back to reality. Obama won a great victory, but this morning it’s back to looking around and realizing how much there is to fix in the country. Taking some inventory … Damn dude, it’s a lot.

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President Barack Obama … Unbelievable

… and by a huge victory, at that. People are chanting “Obama! Obama!”, honking their horns, pounding drums and clapping in unison outside my window in Ann Arbor tonight, and it’s 2:40 a.m. This is louder than any Michigan game and is unlike anything I’ve ever heard. Even when I discount partisanship, the tone feels […]

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Strange Realization

I was just now thinking that this is the first election day since 2000 that I’m not working at a big news organization. Two, four, and six years ago I’d be gearing up to be at the office on some weird schedule like 4 p.m. to 2 a.m., hoping we’d order the right kind of […]

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The Endorsement

My old compatriots at Slate did their incredibly lopsided list last week of which staffer is voting for whom. Since I used to work there, I figured I might as well pile on. Because it’s late, I’m tired from the immense amount of work being dumped on my head — never listen to someone who […]

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Why Do Papists Hate America?

There’s an interesting look back today on Al Smith’s 1928 campaign for president, where all sorts of anti-Catholic sentiment got stirred up and Herbert Hoover won in a landslide. The idea that somebody (besides Jack Chick) would drop that today is just laughable — but not so much when you replace “Catholic” with “Muslim”, even […]

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