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Why the Bush Team Pursues an Israeli Ceasefire

When I saw today that the Bush Administration is pushing for Israel to end its bloody air raids on Gaza, I thought immediately of amigo Tony’s analysis from two years ago, in which he said that Israel has depended on the U.S. to function as the “Don’t hold me back” friend that jumps in […]

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Those Mischievous Mulatto Fellows

(CNN) — A candidate for the Republican National Committee chairmanship said Friday the CD he sent committee members for Christmas — which included a song titled “Barack the Magic Negro” — was clearly intended as a joke. “I think most people recognize political satire when they see it,” Tennessee Republican Chip Saltsman told CNN. “I […]

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Merry Christmas

I do miss December in New York. As much as the city often drove me up the wall, Christmastime was always a highlight. I hope everyone’s Christmas is full of good times and tasty treats. Since this is a holy day, in the spirit of Benjamin Franklin’s adage that “Beer is living proof that God […]

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The Real-Life Lindsey Naegle

Few quotes have this kind of inherent self-parody: Daddy’s Girls, along with several of the other announced shows, will be “aspirational, enterprising, and empowering,” claims MTV: “These new series reflect Generation ‘Why Not?’ — living, working and playing on their own terms, ‘adventure capitalists’ if you will, pursuing a variety of thrill-seeking, 2.0, express-yourself enterprises,” […]

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Conchords 2: The Revenge

I gotta get an HBO hookup somehow before January 18.

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Why Online Image-Borrowing Is Good Policy

Seeing as how I grab lots of images for my posts, like the photo by my old employer in this post, I figured it was fair to elaborate on my own beliefs on borrowing images across the web: everybody wins. My photo-editor friend Maria, also formerly of, said it best when she noted […]

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Pat’s 12 Most Notable Things About Business School

Clearly I’ve spent this semester committing the web’s mortal sin of not updating, but I’m here to make that up to you dudes in Sammy G. style with a list. And to keep from fully ripping off the 11-item format, I added a bonus item. So here it is, a UMich semester’s worth of the […]

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Not Good

I was just recently talking to these guys about their summer internship offerings. Somehow I don’t think that’s very high on their priority list right now. The other timely thing is that we’re studying the multiplier effect of debt right now in finance. Company debt will get you the serious hookup when times are good, […]

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