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Is Mike Tomlin Any Good?

Onion answer: Yes.

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Ha, You Said ‘Crap’

I applaud the New York Times for embracing its inner 13-year-old with this story: No Snickering — That Road Sign Means Something Else

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That Was Fast

Obama Orders Halt to Prosecutions at Guantánamo While I think it’s good to close down this negative symbol of America, I’m still curious what the new administration plans to do with the detainees. Now that we’re back with a lawyer president, much less a law professor, I hope he has a plan.

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They committed way too many penalties, they couldn’t run against Baltimore, the refs made some horrendous calls, and yet the defense still dominated this one enough to take it in the end. The Steel Curtain shuts it down again!

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NY Jet Rescue: Amazing and Reaffirming

I’m sure everyone has heard about the jet that ditched into the Hudson River today just off of Manhattan. The photos are pretty incredible, but what’s even more incredible is how everyone was able to get off the plane alive and well. From the pilot to the rescue crews to the passengers on the ferry, […]

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The First Interview Tomorrow

Hey fans. My bad about not writing at ya, but we’re in the midst of interviewing season here at Ross, which has proven to be the weirdest time of the year so far. I thought the end of Fall B was pretty packed, but this is something else altogether. People are definitely concerned about getting […]

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My New Favorite Art

Vielen danke aus Anselm Feuerbach. I would retitle this “Sunday, January 18, 2009”.

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Who’s The Most Polluted Now?

NY Times gives Pittsburgh the hookup! Pittsburgh Thrives After Casting Steel Aside This one was good too back in the day: 36 Hours in Pittsburgh Not so much this: As Deaths Outpace Births, Cities Adjust

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Winter Classic 2009: Solid, But I Liked Last Year

I tuned in for periods 2 and 3 of today’s NHL Winter Classic game, which saw Chicago get destroyed by the Red Wings in a comeback victory. (The Red Wings are always pulling this garbage against my favorite teams. Jagoffs.) The game didn’t have quite the finish that last year did, and I naturally wasn’t […]

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Chalk Another One

Hey, it’s 2009. Can you dig it?

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