The First Interview Tomorrow

Hey fans.

My bad about not writing at ya, but we’re in the midst of interviewing season here at Ross, which has proven to be the weirdest time of the year so far. I thought the end of Fall B was pretty packed, but this is something else altogether.

People are definitely concerned about getting something for the summer, and while I think everyone’s secretly hoping they get something early and no longer have to worry about everything else, people are definitely gregarious and wishing each other luck. Frankly that’s why I’m glad I’m at Michigan: I’ve heard peeps at other schools will hate on your interview chances and be open about the cutthroat tactics, and I’m sure there are a few people here doing that, but they’re in the minority as far as anyone can tell.

Anyway, my first big interview is tomorrow — two 45-minute case+fit interviews in a row, so I’m sitting here reading up on cases and some company history. Wish me luck so’s I can rock things properly. Later.

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  1. Lots of good luck. If your interviews are ANYTHING like when law school students interview at law firms they want to see you’re educated about the company, genuinely interested in becoming one of the people who does whatever they do, and is smart and easy to get along with. So if you’re anything like the way you present yourself via blog, they’ll be lucky to get you.

  2. Fans?

  3. Readaz?

  4. playaz, hustlaz…

  5. What happened? Pleeze…

  6. No go on the second round. Got a few more coming up though.

  7. … ballaz… and even you smokaz!

    Posted by Omniscient1 | January 16th, 2009 at 9:35 pm

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