NY Jet Rescue: Amazing and Reaffirming

I’m sure everyone has heard about the jet that ditched into the Hudson River today just off of Manhattan. The photos are pretty incredible, but what’s even more incredible is how everyone was able to get off the plane alive and well. From the pilot to the rescue crews to the passengers on the ferry, I am amazed at how everyone did exactly what they needed to do to ensure the outcome. As stark as things can seem, this is why I don’t lose hope in the U.S. and humanity.

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2 Responses to “NY Jet Rescue: Amazing and Reaffirming”

  1. Smoking Gun has the pilot’s resume. My dad’s a pilot, I’m a student pilot and take it from me, he’s a serious pro. A birdstrike on takeoff from LaGuardia is a worst case scenario. Since the runway is very short and there are noise rules in NYC, the takeoff climb is very steep. Losing engine power in that situation is terrible. One thing that might have helped was the cold weather. Makes the air thicker so you get better lift off the wing.

  2. Dude is an amazing dude, but what’s up with not blacking out his phone number? That is not cool, even if he did something great. I’m sure he’s already deluged with phone calls, and even if they’re supportive, that’s a huge hassle.

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