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Done With Finals; Time For The News

Though I was busy finishing up Winter A for the past week, it doesn’t mean I haven’t kept up with the world. (Sage RSS sidebar = a favorite of mine.) So here’s a burst of opinion: My newest senator Roland Burris grows more as an embarrassment each day, but what’s even more embarrassing is the […]

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Finals Week

During this wacky job-hunting Winter A quarter I forgot that I was going to have finals. Now one is Wednesday morning at 8 a.m. and there are two more the following day. Whoops.

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Why Life Is Unfair: Exhibit, New Orleans

This story was disheartening: Day Laborers Are Easy Prey in New Orleans Whatever you think of immigration, you can’t deny that the Latin American migrants who come to the U.S. are some hard workers. (It’s usually not white dudes up there on the rafters hauling Quikrete bags all day.) I’d say they’re near the top […]

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So Much for “The Party of Lincoln”

Happy 200th birthday to Honest Abe, the greatest President the United States has ever had and namesake for my ‘hood in Chicago. I probably shouldn’t use the term “hood” to describe arguably the most yuppified area in the country, but that’s how we do it in streetz of LP — Chads and Trixies fo’ life. […]

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Making Me Miss DC

I do miss the cheese fries and cherry milkshakes. And G and I sat at that same table the last time we ate at Ben’s. It seems this is a month old, but it’s all good.

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Namaste, Dudes

Hey readaz. Trying to find a job for summer = time-consuming and thus bad for blogging, but I got some mad cool news recently when I found out that I’m going to Bangalore, India, for five weeks as part of the Multidisciplinary Action Program (or MAP, for the acronymically challenged) at Ross. Sweet! So, some […]

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Breaking Blog Silence with Christian Bale

I was grooving to this remixed Christian Bale flipout today while doing operations calculations. (Probably want to turn down the audio if you’re at work.) And here’s the original if you missed it. In the meantime, the new Terminator movie still looks awesome.

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A Winner Is Us!

What an ugly win! At least until the fourth quarter! And yet what a win! More later! Woo!

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