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This Twitter blogging is way easier than actual blogging, but here are some notes anyway.

Food here is really cheap. Beer, strangely, is not so much. Tonight my teammates and I went out for dinner. Total cost for three people’s dinner and drinks: $11. Beer portion of that: $4 for two beers. It’s a little weird, because it’s definitely possible to find $2 beers in the U.S., but forget about finding a $3.75 dinner.

Monkeys here are not cute. In fact, they are fairly scary. Four of them came around the office today, and we had to lock the door to stop them coming in and stealing our lunch. Those dudes are not cool, I’m sorry.

The array of smells here is fairly surreal. A lot of people have discussed how India smells; it’s true, you can’t really describe it. Definitely a lot of urine and foul-smelling things, but then mixed with a smoky smell and lots of other stuff I can’t figure out. I wouldn’t describe it as pleasant at all, but I’m still getting used to it anyway.

More TK later.

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