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The India-Trip Awards and Superlatives

Namaste, homes. The Peek India MAP trip’s almost at an end: bags are packed, souvenirs purchased, interviews completed and final curries consumed. MAP itself isn’t over, and in fact we’re about to crash headlong into the hella busy presentation-finalizing phase that doesn’t wrap up until April 28. But the India portion of the project is […]

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I Love It When You Call Me Big Twitta

I subscribed to P. Diddy’s Twitter feed last week, and it is a highlight of my day each time I log in. It’s a nice reminder each day that anybody can make it in this country, even the guy who writes these: Man I wanna be GREAT! I wanna make the WORLD A BETTER PLACE!!! […]

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The Delhi / Agra Visit

So, I finally saw it. The Taj Mahal is a pretty awesome site. I think the Taj and the Dome of the Rock mosque in Jerusalem are the two most beautiful buildings I’ve seen, though the Taj is definitely better from a distance and the Dome of the Rock is at its best fairly close-up. […]

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The Bombay / Mumbai Visit

I am back from the Internet desert that was Bombay. (More on the name later.) My hotel didn’t have wireless and the Internet cafe wasn’t always open, thus the lack of updates even via Twitter. But you know I’m not letting you down, so here’s a summation of the city as I saw it over […]

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The Indian Head Waggle

A unique Indian gesture is the head waggle. It is pretty much done anytime one is saying, “OK, sure, will do”. Naturally we had a contest to see who could do the best one:

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